Reasearch and Development

Besides the training arm of the Africa Development Studies Center (ADSC), the equally important business objective of the Institution is to constantly carry out development-related research. As an experienced firm in filling knowledge gaps of top-level managers through our catalogue of training and study exchange programs, we are always aware of areas that need to be strengthened either within the private sector or in public institutions base on our empirical researches.
Our team of experts and researchers are highly competent and experienced in economics, social sciences, and public policy. They use empirical studies to draw down knowledge gaps, which are baselines for developing capacity-building, training, and education programs, in addition to publishing and disseminating development-related knowledge on issues that affect the socio-economic well-being of sub-Saharan African countries.

And, because of enormous development challenges being faced on the continent, our research arm prioritizes core development issues in the region. Our research findings help in understanding the dynamics of issues like extreme poverty, youth unemployment, institutional corruption, inequality, fiscal deficits, and foreign exchange instability.

As a result of our solid understanding of these issues, our research is anchored on providing solution-oriented outcomes. For example, our report on the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) discloses areas that need urgent intervention to guarantee the smooth implementation of the continental trade agreement. In the same vein, our case study of some African markets shows that the ‘resource curse’ being experienced by naturally resource endowered sub-Saharan African countries have gone beyond just the natural resource sector but also, it is negatively affecting the agricultural sector of their economies

ADSC seeks to support the efforts of governments, development organisations, civil society, and communities to address critical challenges associated with the development and promote economic growth in Africa.

Though we are open to more partnerships, we have existing collaborations with the National Institute of Public Policy and Strategies (NIPPS) in Nigeria, the Manchester School of Management in the United Kingdom, and Europe to cite but a few.